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Demi Carstairs

Demi is a professional Tarot Card reader, spiritual mentor and teacher.  She works with others to help them heal and find peace in their everyday life. Her knowledge of the esoteric arts intertwined with sociological and anthropological philosophies makes her sessions unique, leaving everyone with a new broadened perception on life. Demi has been teaching and reading professionally for five years.  She has a bachelors in Sociology with a minor in Anthropology from Rowan University.  Some of her passions include makeup, music, and learning mythology from different cultures.

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"There is a Universal Rhythm that is the foundation to all life. With each beat of our hearts the Rhythm is enhanced. We all have a positive vibe to give and as we learn more about the vibrant energy that exists within our inner space, we can effectively change the negative vibes that hinder our positivity. We must focus on expressing positive vibrations that will improve the quality of life. We must contribute to the cause today, so that we can all be dancing and feeling free within the Universal Rhythm of tomorrow". - Shevaz

Ask yourself what it is that gives you life.  What purpose do you live for?

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