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How Do We Begin to Embrace Change?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

There has been such chaos within the past two weeks about COVID-19. A good friend reminded me that I have an insight on how humanity works on a social level and I figured it was time to come out of hiding. Mass media reports, people dying, a pandemic across the globe, panic, fear, economic failure, and terror are just to name a few. I will personally say I have never witnessed anything like this, and it is not something that anyone would have ever wanted for this society or even this planet. Most cannot pay their bills. Some will end up starving. The elderly will not be able to get to stores for their necessities. Single mothers home with children they cannot afford to support due to being out of work. Workers laid off to collect unemployment and cannot reach their offices due to high call volume. Nobody can go out and socialize. Of course, there is the small percentage of the population that chooses not to abide by laws for safety and continues to infect us anyway.

I talked to my cousin the other day about the changes being made here on this planet regarding spirituality and this pandemic knowing that I have clairvoyance. She asked me, “How do we even begin to embrace change?!”. I thought for a split second and could not come up with anything so I told her I would have to pull out the Tarot Cards for this question. In the moment I told her that we needed to embrace love. Embrace each other. Choose love because it always wins. What most people fear the most is change. It’s not physically dealing with this virus that is really causing the panic within. People have overcome their sicknesses! It is the changes to our lifestyles. Not working, not having the stability of what was before this pandemic.

Choose love by staying home and not putting the elderly and immunosuppressed at stake. Choose love by asking your elderly neighbors or grandparents if they need anything from the store so they do not have to get up and go. Lastly, choose to love yourself. Take care of yourself. When you feel at best your giving of love is at its highest vibration which leads to more positivity and compassion for others. This is what we NEED right now. Trust in the Universe to catch you when you fall. There is a plan and what is meant to happen will work out in what ever way it needs to unfold. When have not been alright? Never. You always bounced back and picked yourself up off the ground to bring yourself to a better place. This what the Universe is teaching us now. Open your eyes to what is in front of you and embrace the changes being made for the better.

Right before I started to pull the cards for this read, I heard the song “Heartless” by the Weeknd. They explained to me the mentality of how actions are being brought forth about the pandemic and media postings are selfish. They tell me they know that people are aware of the selfishness and it’s lowering down positive vibrations. Once I pulled the cards (Picture posted down below. Look now! lol), they told me “Stop worrying about materialistic things and begin creating. Not knowing the future leads to a plethora of opportunities to be taken. Keep creating. It’s a higher vibration and form of love but we HAVE to work at this. Embrace change by embracing love and creating in whatever way means most to you. Stand together in times while things are being pulled right underneath. There is nothing higher than love”.

They want you to create your futures. Open your eyes to ways that things should be. To see what love and compassion truly is and work on that within yourself if you do not have. The Weeknd is an amazing artist but not take on the “Heartless” mentality being that it will hinder our development. Remember that is a global movement. Not a “me” or “North America” mindset. Until next time my friends, Namaste!

P.S. Live reads and an Introductory video about me to come soon! Until then stay tuned. Stay Safe.

- Carstairs

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