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Retrogrades. What Are They?

Updated: May 16, 2022

How many times have we heard the term retrograde in our everyday life? As we know astrology is becoming a huge phenomena globally. We come to learn about ourselves through the astrological transits happening. This does not predict the future but does give us an idea of how the energies are going to flow through a certain period. Mercury retrograde is the most known throughout social media to others who are not as interested in astrology as others. It is deemed negative. That our traffic patterns will be interrupted. We can’t speak correctly. We can’t express through our words as well as we would like, or we just end having trouble with devices of travel. The deeper knowledge within any planetary retrograde does not cause havoc just to make your life harder. Nothing is out to get you.

Retrogrades are time for us to learn about past behaviors. A time for us to reflect on things that may be hindering our movements forward. It may seem that these lessons are cyclical at times, but it causes us to face the truth and learn from it. If not, it keeps coming back until we fully understand it. It may seem that whichever planet is in retrograde is moving backwards. This is merely just an illusion. Sometimes we must take a few steps back before we can step into this new version of ourselves. Why is my ex coming back? Why can’t I seem to find the partner I truly want? Why can’t I achieve my goals? What wounds are holding me back? What do I need to learn from this? What patterns do I need to release?

We all need to ask these questions as we find out what each retrograde means to us personally. Currently Pluto is retrograde within my 5th house of passions, romance, creativity, excitement and expression. I am in the process of transforming my beliefs and values around this house that is ruled by Leo. I currently began my journey into making my passion a career path for myself and need to revisit what I am passionate about now. What within me does not reside with who I am anymore? What romantic patterns have I learned from and will not tolerate anymore? How can I express myself and not feel like I am being judged? What childhood wound needs to be let out of my psyche?

We must dig deep within ourselves to heal these wounds. It is to help your soul grow. Most are afraid of change and yes, change is very scary at times because we cannot see the outcome that is in front of us. At the end of any retrograde you will begin to understand the changes that you went through and can see why things happened the way that they did. You can find all this information by accessing your birth chart. Make sure you know the time you were born. That is most essential. Once you calculate the chart, find your rising sign. Research which planet is in retrograde depending on the astrological sign it is moving through. Count counterclockwise from your first house and you will then see the theme or lessons you will be learning during any planetary retrograde. Until next time my friends! Namaste.

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