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"The Kill"

The Full Moon in Virgo coming up has humanity going through their healing from ancestral lines or karma going eight generations back, if not more. I have been struggling the past few days with all the change that has been brought with these healing energies. Random outbursts of immediate healing in the moment. Shadow work requiring deep acknowledgement while holding the highest vibrations of compassion.

I learned through my teachers that I'm not going to be able to continue on this journey if I cannot rise up into my own power, by taking it back and realizing who I truly am. I sat with the thoughts of who I used to be ten years ago. Realizing I let the most important parts of myself go to sleep because I was living in fear and chose to work instead of going after what I truly loved. I lost the passion and drive within me. As this Full Moon comes to a culmination, I know that I can truly be who I need to be by just being who I was from the beginning. Me.

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