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Zodiac Series: Aquarius

Hello my friends! Welcome to Aquarius season and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius! We are leaving behind our sense of achievement that we acquired through Capricorn season. We get to experience this masculine airy energy starting on January 20th and ending on February 20th. It is time to release the earthy responsibilities and time to give to others. We need to cut our burdens and guilts to be of service to others. This is the time to think about how we can make a difference in the world with what we know.

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer. This is seen as a man holding a vase of water. One of the best examples to explain the symbolism is the Egyptian god Hapi. He is the god of the Nile River that flows all throughout Egypt. The god has plants growing out of is head and holds two vases of water, giving life to everything around him. The Nile would overflow in July and August during the full moon. Ironically, the moon would rise in the constellation of Aquarius. The water flowing is the main focus of its symbol. The man holding the vase is giving life to all that is around him to serve humanity. Water is what we need in order to survive. This is the way to bring life. Us as humans have to know how to work with it and use the ideas, we have to help give life to not only ourselves and others but society as well.

This energy is all about creating new ideas as means for expansion. We continuously grow through new ideas while influenced by the system and other entities. This is Aquarian energy. Energy and thoughts into new innovations within society which starts with the higher service to and of humanity. We want our ideas to be awesome, exciting, and captivating. We may want to show off our own eccentricities by dressing differently or showing how different we really are by going against societal norms.

Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius. Saturn is the planet of independence, organization, structure, and karma. Saturn is the traditional ruler of this sign. Once Uranus was discovered it changed. The discovery of this planet gave everyone hope that there were other things out there. It was found during a time of major societal change including the Earth’s belief systems. Culture was changing globally here on Earth and Uranus became the perfect fit to rule Aquarius. A coincidence? I think not!

Every energy within the wheel has a shadow side. Sometimes there are tendencies to get caught up the divine masculine and have trouble accepting divine energy for what it really is. We may want create a perfect world by seeing every imperfection there is so we change it or fix it to make the best for society. Holding a compassionate space for new ideas to come through is difficult because we get too caught up in our ideas that look good but cannot be executed due to instability. The heartlessness within is the biggest when it comes to accepting the radical change for what it really is. It is the unpredictability that rules the shadow side of this sign.

Too much of this energy can make us aloof. We want to be free and not held to any social norms. The calling of being so eccentric keeps others from getting close because we may feel that we are so different that no one understands. The ideas we hold within ourselves call to us but does it really help society and can it bring connection for everyone? A lack in this energy is not seeing the higher perspective on issues at hand. We do not understand the overview of what is really going on. The feelings of getting caught up in the mundane can create fear which leads us to talking to others without a sole purpose or maybe working too much, all of this happening due to boredom.

This energy is one of the most important when it comes to finding balance being it focuses on what is best for society. We need to look at this sign as all of the past energies in the Wheel coming together up until this point. The idea is to be creative to make society a better place for its highest good. The best way to do this is by bringing in Leo energy being that it is opposite on the wheel. Bring joy and the childlike energy we have within us to stir the fiery passion we have within. This will help us find that drive. Focus on you and being courageous or passionate about what you can bring to humanity that is dormant within you. As we step into the Age of Aquarius, we need to think about what the energy is. How can we encompass this as change comes? Is this the best for the planet and society. I guess we will find out over the next 200 years! Until next time my friends, Namaste!

Here is a video I have made for my Aquarius Sun, Moon, Risings, and Stelliums. If this do not apply to you please watch to see how to work with this energy as the season progresses!

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