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Zodiac Series: Cancer

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Welcome to Cancer season my friends! The season starts on June 21st and ends on July 22nd. This constellation and energy are ruled by the Moon. As the phases of the Moon so do the emotions. They fluctuate and move like ocean, hence a sign of water. We move away from the idea-making we started with in Gemini season. We now have the gift of gab and can speak into existence what it is we want but it is time for us to realize what it is that really matters most to us.

We begin to waiver through the emotions and begin to nurture ourselves with this feminine energy. This energy resides within but also outwards as well. The primary example is the story of Hercules from Greek Mythology fighting off a multi-headed Hydra. Hera (Queen of the Gods also God of Marriage and Childbirth) placed a crab down as a test for Hercules while he was fighting. The crab nipped at his ankle and he instantaneously killed it. Hera felt awful and placed it in the sky for its loyalty. This shows the true nature of Cancer energy. The fact that Hercules could not spare to feel his emotions or think in an empathetic way to show feminine energy is why Hera put it in the sky.

Cancer rules the breasts and the stomach area on the body which has its own short story. Many spiritualists talk about how the Milky Way came to be in the sky. Once again, we have Hera breastfeeding Hercules when he was a baby and he bit her so hard that the milk from breast spread across the galaxy, creating the Milky Way. On a higher vibrational level, the Cancer constellation is the portal that the soul travels through, manifesting into a physical form. This is where our psychic abilities come from and for those who do not know, Cancer has the most psychic energy within.

The Crab is the symbol of Cancer and most people think it has to do with their “crabby” emotional fluctuations. This is where Cancers get the bad wrap for being over emotional. The crab lives between the sea and the earth. Hiding in its shell for protection and moving side to side to see any predators. As the Moon’s phases change with the tide, the crab goes with the flow. It likes to stay in a place that feels home hence the feeling of always wanting to feel safe and secure. Always in between the realms of emotion and stability.

The crab totem animal in Native American culture says why this intriguing aquatic creature stands for this sign. It’s time for us to move in a new direction. The shell of the crab is shed like any other shelled creature. This is where Cancer energies has its difficulties. They look to the past but need to break free from the cycles but if we use the energy of the crab and go with the flow, things turn out ok. Releasing built up emotions is key. The crab fights and holds on like no other. Their determination is a trait that makes them stand out. It is when they feel threatened in times of transition that they back away.

Every sign has its shadow side. Too much Cancer energy as stated above, can cause you to get stuck in the past. There is moodiness, sensitivity, and irritability. Sometimes deep fear will sit within us. Due to not feeling safe we may retract and cling to the old behaviors we once knew. Cancer energy is not one to tempt or test when the shadow side is at play. In my opinion, there is nothing scarier when the anger and outbursts come from emotion. It can be the most damaging in any way you think possible. Addictions may come from these pent-up emotions causing us to want to escape our reality through drugs, alcohol, sex, or even simple things like watching T.V. alone and not wanting to be bothered.

The best way to bring this to balance is Capricorn energy due to it being complimentary on the wheel. We can take leadership of wanting to feel grounded. Stabilizing ourselves by slowly and steadily working towards balancing out our emotions through this earthly energy. Find what matters to you the most and nurture yourself by feeling secure and safe. Capricorn energy to the rescue!

Our emotions rule everything during this time. We need to learn to let go of the old patterns and release things that no longer serve us. We must ask ourselves, what matters most to us? What does home mean to me? How can I nurture myself? Am I listening to my intuition or psychic tendencies or am I letting others tell me differently? Listen to the inner child within. Our soul wants to belong here, but it starts with us and how we feel. Here is the real question that we should ask ourselves, where is home within us? Until next time my friends! Namaste.

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