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Zodiac Series: Capricorn

Welcome to the earthly season of Capricorn marked by the Winter Solstice! We enter this season on December 21st and exit it on January 21st. We are leaving Sagittarius season with our passions for life. We have done the studies and learned all the information we could to ensure our journey of life’s path but what is next? Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. The Lord of karma, time, and constrictions. Some believe this planet to malefic but the key words are “What can I learn from this?” or “Where do I need to place more boundaries”? It is time for us to get SERIOUS within Capricorn energy.

This is the time for us to step up and make our dreams real. We know what we want in our life, now is the time implement and make this happen with unshakable determination. We feel that we have a duty or responsibility to move forward and we need to have an end goal. That is what this energy is all about! Having that end goal and gathering all the experience from not only from Sagittarius but all of the other past Zodiac signs in the wheel as well. We continue our soul’s journey with purpose and intent. It is now time to commit to your purpose and see it through to the end!

The symbolism of this sign is the Sea-Goat. This mythical creature has a goat’s head and front legs with a fish’s tail. In ancient Babylonian times the god Oannes was a half man, half fish. He brought the gift of civilization to humanity. He was of higher wisdom and very intellectual. Other cultures throughout Ancient Mesopotamia depict him as the Father Light and is known to reincarnate here on Earth during crises to help mankind culturally and spiritually. Other origin stories from Norse mythology tell of a goat that eats from the tree life. The goat comes into perspective as well due to the view of the constellation with the naked eye.

Capricorn is the gateway of spirit where spiritual masters and teachers come through so they can take a physical form. Remember, Cancer is the gateway to the Universe! It has this nurturing and motherly energy that gives us life. It is not a coincidence that there are two gateways in these opposing signs. Humanity is always being uplifted through the cosmos and this how many of us enter to live through our soul’s journey with lessons to help us grow through reincarnation.

The energies during this season call upon us to take on more than our fair share of responsibility. We need to keep our word, be patient, and show endurance. We have the element of earth ruling this sign. We need to focus on the tangibility through action and hard work. Feeling the energy may be masculine, it is actually feminine! There is the sexual side of which we like to go through our endeavors. Through sex is the ultimate creation of life. In Greek Mythology, Pan is a great representation of the duality of this sign through its symbol of the Sea-Goat and lustful expression. He runs from the God Typhon and hops into the Nile River. His head turns into a goat and his legs become a fish tail. The Devil in Tarot is represented by Pan.

Let’s hop back to Saturn! As we know, this is a serious planet and a serious energy. Saturn rules power and authority. During this season we look into authority figures and the law. Are we following leaders the resonate with inner calling? Can we trust the authority figures that are in power? How do you view power personally? The shadow side of this energy is lust for power and gaining control. We have power struggles within ourselves and others or do not want to be dominated or ruled at all. This can kick in ambition for personal gain.

When we have too much Capricorn energy flowing through us, we take life too seriously. We may review our relationship to power and are doing everything we can to achieve our goals and not caring about who we are hurting in the process. Taking on too much responsibility causes depression because we are trying to live up the perfect expectations we set for ourselves. When we do not have enough of this energy we shy away from power. We do not see our goals out through to the end or feel that things are not coming to fruition. You may believe you cannot reach this goal. To balance out the energies look to the opposing sign of Cancer to bring this nurturing energy back to you and take care of yourself. Use the motherly energy to feel loved and cared for. Capricorn season is going to bring us great results! Follow your dreams and until next time my friends, Namaste!

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