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Zodiac Series: Gemini

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Happy Gemini season to you all! I am a Gemini-Cancer cusp and love the intellectual energy this season brings. Let’s jump right in! This season starts on May 20th and ends on June 21st. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and is known for being an air sign as well as honing masculine energy It is all about the mind and communication my friends. We now becoming flexible by moving out of Taurus season by detaching ourselves the materialistic world. Think of this as a child beginning to learn how to use their words instead of pointing to materialistic objects to communicate with us what they need.

We are now beginning to value our words. We watch how we speak. We think more about what is going on in our minds and try to make breakthroughs, attempting to see new perspectives. We come up with new ideas and follow through with the thoughts we need to create our reality. Let’s hop into the folklore of why Gemini is a dual icon.

Symbolically in Greek mythology, there are twin brothers named Castor and Pollux. Castor is a mortal where Pollux has divinity within him. Castor ends up dying and Zeus tells Pollux he can give half of that divinity to his brother. The brothers then get to live half of their time in the Underworld and the other half on Mount Olympus. As time went on, they became travelers and in rescuers in times of need. The twins were able to survive dark times together. They went on journeys of night, death, and were able to return to the light. They shared this power with Hermes (known as Mercury in Roman mythology).

The brothers being able to move from the Underworld to Mount Olympus symbolizes the duality of this sign. Most people think the symbolism resides with a shadow aspect of Gemini being two faced or dishonest. It shows the light and dark of where the energies reside to coming up with new ideas and coming into a more positive state of mind. During this time, we crave communication and interaction. We need ongoing exchanges of information. This is what the energy gives us and when it is not met the shadow side comes out. This leads to gossip and overthinking. Not minding our own business.

Within our society it is important to communicate. As humans we are social creatures and Gemini energy is what really resides within us when we want to come up with new ways of communication. We use technology to communicate but back in prehistoric times many ancient civilizations took this as time to communicate not only with humans, but the dead as well. Many people do that through spiritual ways of life. Most ancient cultures knew of these energies and went through rituals during this period to talk to the spirits and other energies. Now we follow through with communication how society tells us to do so.

Hermes is known as the God of communication and travel in Greek mythology. He is the messenger of the gods. There are so many stories of him tricking other gods into getting what he wants by using his words. Therefore, Hermes or Mercury rules Gemini. Mercury rules other planets as well but suites Gemini very well. This why many feel Gemini’s are not trustworthy or are not the best sign in the Zodiac. I feel that this energy has a stigma but now hopefully understood.

Story telling is a huge part of our culture. It is an important aspect to Gemini energy because it has to do with perception. How we view others and the world around us. When we tell stories, it is always from our perspective which leads to us to believe that this version is the truth. This where the Gemini energy comes in trying to find that missing piece. The mind begins to open and realize that reality is not all it seems. There is more to the story or another version of the story. Now perceptions begin to change. The true meaning is how we respond to this because this has to do with our conscious awareness.

We know now we can see in two different worlds and have touched slightly on the shadow energy of Gemini. Loose talk and gossip is one but the words we choose and how see obsessively go through the thought process is another. We need to learn that our minds and words create our reality. This is a small portion of the Law of Attraction. How we view the situation is what the situation will be. If we continue to think negative, everything will be negative. The way we create with our words creates our reality. As the thoughts keep going, we can’t seem to ground ourselves down. It gets harder to be in the here and now. We get distracted.

As we go through the changes within our society now, Gemini is a huge influence right now. Mercury is currently in Gemini. Venus is in Gemini as and is in retrograde. The sun has now entered this sign. We cannot see straight. We are having trouble processing our thoughts. Figuring out what ideas we should follow. The energy is good and too much of anything can cause over stimulation. The best way to quiet the mind is through meditation. I hope this helped with the understanding of Gemini energy. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Until next time my friends. Namaste!

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