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Zodiac Series: Leo

The sun is now leaving the homey feminine energy of the family and mother to the masculine energy of the leader known as Leo. This season lasts from today until August 23rd. This is where we flourish as individuals with the fire from within. Our mindsets may become fixed due to energy of this sign, but we are now expressing what we need to within our hearts. We begin to express who we are, taking leadership in our lives after being in a place of comfortability. This energy creates a heavy shift in our perspectives because we must be courageous as we step into the unknown and expand on the warrior within.

With Aries being the previous fire sign, we are now given the qualities to be stable and authoritative during this time. We look at masculine traits and embrace it by paying attention to the father archetype. We take the lead by pursuing our wants. Knowing how and when to get the job done. Showing support to others in need by leading them so they can achieve their goals. The passion that is within the heart is key to this energy. Leo rules the heart and the spine on the body, which the archetype of the father embodies.

The Lion is the symbol of this zodiac sign. It signifies courage, pride, and leadership. There are two sides to this energy, masculine and feminine. This can relate to gender being the males are known as the “King of the Beasts” and barely do any work. The female lionesses are the ones who do most of the work when it comes to the family. They teach their cubs how to be independent and express who they are within. Lions stand tall and show great pride as the go about their daily lives.

A prime example of this energy is Heracles from Greek Mythology also known as Hercules in Roman mythology. Hera stripped Heracles of his birthright due to acting wildly as a child. Due to all the turmoil he caused she forces him to pay for his past actions to join the Gods again on Mount Olympus. He must face the twelve zodiac labors to appease Hera and fulfill his destiny. Heracles is depicted wearing a headdress of a lion. This shows the strength, courage, and pride of the solo hero he is.

Heracles is known for the brutality and uncontrollable force of his nature without having boundaries. He is being forced to abide by his own lion nature to win. Let’s not forget, he is not a spiritual journey. He is on a vision quest or a rite of passage to prove himself worthy that he can bring light to the darkness and must become aware of this through his own consciousness. He is no longer attached to his mother Hera and needs to prove he has the leadership qualities needed to become a God like the rest of them.

The Sun rules over Leo. The Sun expresses who we are and shows our ego. Some find it is hard to balance this energy due to the shadow energy being connected to it but there is a way to balance it by combining both the masculine and feminine traits stated above about the difference between the lion’s role within their genders. In Tarot, the Strength card is depicted by a woman cohering and working with the lion. The lion is tame showing the strength and courage tamed within. The brightest star within the constellation of Leo is Regulus. The star signifies strength due to being in the direct path of the Sun. As we can see there is a pattern here but sometimes the shadow energy can really take over.

Too much of any energy can cause destruction. Particularly for this sign. If we embrace too much leadership, we can become thirsty for blood. Due to us moving away from the energy of Cancer we release the soul and the divine feminine. We may not be as empathetic towards others as normal and might be in touch with the subconscious part of ourselves. The best way to explain this is the Sun beating down on us and shining only for us. Attached to us is the shadow when you look down. The brighter the sun shines, the darker the shadow gets. We need to remember the balancing of the two. Utilizing Aquarian energy is ideal because we focus on society and humanitarian efforts. Dualizing the energies is a perfect way to express yourself for the greater good.

Other aspects of this shadow energy are the youth like qualities found within. Misconceptions of Leo energy is the view of only their standpoint and the selfishness that comes within. With this energy ensuring the rite of passage after leaving the home and mother, there is not any guidance while on their journey. As a society we have left that behind and do not carry out the mentor archetype as a person goes on their quest to prove themselves worthy of acceptance within their group. This leads the shadow energy to not acting as mature as some of the other signs.

Confidence issues come from this shadow energy as well. Finding the courage and strength to come forth with what it is we want can be difficult within our society. As we see, all the shadow energy is connected within the heart and the spine of who we are! We may feel alone in the process, almost like a teenager not knowing which direction to go. May act cowardly but it is within the heart that we must move forward and bring that balance back within ourselves.

From my own perspective I will be honest and say that I never truly understood Leo energy until I researched and wrote this post. The questions that I know that I need to ask myself now is who am I? What is it that I live for and warms my heart? Am I showing too much pride within certain aspects of my life? Do I rely too heavily on others and are afraid to take that leap? These are all things now that I know that I need to gain and be the hero that I always needed. I hope that everyone can find that strength within themselves to know who they are and what they live for. Until next time my friends, Namaste!

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