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Zodiac Series: Libra

Welcome to Libra season my friends! We start this season off today and ends on October 23rd. This is the time where we leave the practicality behind. We have now worked on ourselves internally for the first half of the Zodiac calendar. Our focus is now on the external and the harmony of our relationships with others. We start to bring balance and peace into our lives. We begin to spend time with our closest friends and family to show how much we care about them. Finally, we get to see the beauty in life!

This is the second air sign within the zodiac wheel and is ruled by the planet Venus. We try to find balance within our minds due to the qualities of the air sign. We need that after we have focused on ourselves internally. They key word is always going to be balance! Venus energy is what makes see the beauty in life. Libran energy shifts our focus to making sure we look ok, that our appearance is in top shape and are expressing ourselves creatively. We feel love and compassion towards others and want to nurture others. We may find during this time we are attracted to people who reflect the qualities that we think we are lacking within us, but this just shows what needs to be awoken or brought to our attention. It is best specified through the symbolism of Yin and Yang. Opposites attract but still can dually work together with what the other is lacking.

The symbol of Libra is The Scales. Within Ancient Egyptian mythology the Goddess Ma’at symbolizes this energy. Ma’at is the Goddess of fairness and truth. After a soul has passed their heart is weighed on a scale with a feather at the other end. Ma’at is both the feather and the scales to preserve balance and order. The hearts that achieved balance can go into the Field of Reeds, also known as the afterlife. The unbalanced or heavy hearts are eaten by a crocodile headed demon symbolizing the darkness that was portrayed during their lifetime.

With balance being the theme of Libra energy, we need to be able to see both sides of arguments, hence the scales. This is key when it comes to our relationships and need to step into the other person’s shoes to see from their perspective. Understanding the situation rather than always being right is a better way to keep the peace. We get to shift our views to different perspectives to understand not only arguments but different views and opinions as well so we can blend opposition together for the better. This is a great time to work on partnerships and make new friends as well!

As always, each energy has its shadow side. Giving in to temptation is the most prevalent because keeping peace is what we strive for. Lust is another. Seeing the beauty and only the physical appearance is what gets us caught up, but we do not really view what is deep down within another. Excluding others and repression is another major shadow energy. Making someone feel like they are not a part of a group shows how that individual may not be in balance with our own morals or views. Constantly competing for attention and appreciation caused by feeling imbalanced or repression within the self mentally is another.

Too much Libra energy is being over accommodating to others. We try to keep the balance and peace so we give too much or think too much as to what we should keep doing to make everything ok. We may even lose our integrity in the process and must find it again. Sometimes we may find it difficult to make decisions because the “scales” in our mind will waiver back and forth, not leaving a stable energy for us to think on. The best way to balance out this energy is to look to the opposite sign on the wheel, Aries. We can find our integrity that way by finding what really inspires us. Being that Libra is clearly a feminine energy, we need that masculine or warrior archetype to kick it in gear. To balance this energy out also take some time to yourself and look at the beauty around you. Become inspired and begin to love life! Until next time my friends! Namaste.

Here is a video for my Libra's who have a Sun, Moon, or Rising in this sign!

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