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Zodiac Series: Pisces

The last sign of the Zodiac wheel is here! Welcome to Pisces season. This feminine watery energy has a lot to offer us about the softer side of life. We get to enjoy the Neptunian flow of Pisces energy until March 20th before we start a new cycle in Aries. As we leave Aquarius season we saw and thought about what was good for humanity as whole. Within Pisces we get to move into this dreamlike state of seeing this come to fruition. We get to surrender to our feelings rather than being stuck with what we know.

The energy of Pisces is ruled by water and obviously heavily oriented in emotion! Some say that Pisces holds all of the energy of the Zodiac signs combined. This energy causes us to flow in the direction where the paths of the least resistance allow. We start to release attachment to our everyday lives and giving up to the soul in a way that means preparing for “death”. This is energy is all about self-sacrifice. The feelings of giving and exerting love are backbone of why do things for others. We are also getting in touch with the most spiritual parts of life which also includes ourselves!

Pisces energy also stirs deep emotions within us. We yearn or try to connect to the sorrowful aspects of human life or their conditioning. This means we may feel bad for others and want to give ourselves to them to help with their suffering. I always say that we are not responsible for someone else’s healing but a great way of healing on our own is by doing it through the emotional ways of the arts. We need to begin by acting loving and compassionate by forgiving ourselves and others. Romance is another aspect of this energy. We want to connect deep with others and go with the flow of the current. This calls for a cycle of being together, losing each other, and then finding each other again.

The symbol of Pisces is The Fish. One of the fish is moving towards the earthly cycles of life while the other is moving towards the spiritual. The two combined shows the coherency of earth and water, emotions and the tangible. In Greek Mythology Aprhodite and Eros (The Goddess and God of love) went into the Euprhates river to escape the Titans. They turned themselves into fish to trick them. The two ended up tying their tales together so they would never lose each other.

Neptune rules over Pisces in modern astrology. Neptune was discovered in the nineteenth century during the Romantic era where art, music, and literature were all coming to fruition. As time went on many cities and civilizations were opening up to spirituality due to Eastern Philosophies became known to west. This where connection to everything became relevant. Falling in love falls under Neptune’s rule due to Aphrodite being born of sea foam. We view love as having to be stable by an earthly energy because we know there is more to love than just the idea of it. If it is not grounded, practical, or tangible then it feels like it is being tossed right back into the sea. Becoming one with a lover causes identity loss but the person always finds a way back to themselves by listening to their soul.

The Sirens from the Odyssey are a great example of Pisces energy. Sirens are known for their alluring image of beauty while singing and alluring men in. As you get closer to them, they kill you and their appearance is not what was viewed from afar. Odysseus chose to endure the Siren’s song and tied himself to the mast of the ship. By doing this he gave into the divine feminine energy instead of being lured to his death. His love for his wife Penelope is what kept him going.

As always, each sign has its shadow side. Pisces shadow energy calls for escapism. We want to be freed from the pain and we find any way to do that in modern society. The biggest entity is drugs, anti-depressants, and alcohol. Smaller ones are TV and sex. This holds back any form of transformation and growth to become who we truly are. Too much of this energy we get removed from the earthly parts of reality. We may also become to empathetic and get caught in all of them emotions causing us to not know which emotions are our own. Easily being influenced by glamour is what draws is in to a fake reality.

When we do not have enough Pisces energy it is hard to let of fear. We fear the loss of what we already have. We hold on to control and do not want things to get out of hand. In order for us to get clarity we need to be connected to the whole picture including ourselves. When this is not present, we need more Pisces energy in our lives. Missing out on the mysteries of life is another form of lack. We need to have the curious mindset of looking into the stars and learning all that spirituality has for us.

Pisces is ruled by the feet. As we have made our way through the astrological journey of the wheel we end here. The feet are what make us walk and stand tall. We are now grounded here within reality. I want to thank all of you who have been on this journey with me since last year! I hope you learned something about yourself and others too. All of the information I received was through my intuition and the book “Your Zodiac Soul” by John Wadsworth. Until the next journey my friends, Namaste.

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