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Zodiac Series: Scorpio

Scorpio season is here! We move into the depths of transformation within ourselves as we leave the romantic notions of being together within Libra. We review the promises and agreements we made with others to keep things balanced but now we must look at the parts of ourselves we lost in the process. The sun moves through this sign from October 22nd to November 22nd. Ruled by the intense planets of Mars and Pluto we enter this season of feminine and watery feels.

During this upcoming month we must face the shadow of ourselves through the ones we love. We deal with the intense feelings of what goes on within us and when it comes to the outside world. Going back to our roots is where this all stems from. We must ask ourselves the question of “What penetrates our soul?” or “How does this make me feel?”. We also must look at how sexuality plays a key role due to Scorpio ruling the genitals. Mary Magdalene and the rune M for Scorpio symbolism tells the tale wisely. Magdalene taught, initiated, and showed Jesus love, death, and renewal. She was also the first person to see him resurrect and was his closest companion. This ideology was lost due to the past of patriarchal societies where women were subdued and controlled by men. The transformative power of sexual energy was lost during this time.

The Scorpion is the astrological symbol for this sign. A myth from Ancient Greece tells about a fight between Gaia and Orion. Orion wanted to tame all the beasts on Earth, and she was not having that. She sent a scorpion to take him down. These two constellations are never in the sky together at the same time. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the main star in the constellation Scorpius was ruled by Osiris, God of the Underworld. He went through the transformation by being stung by a Scorpion to become Horus. They believed this was the gateway to the Land of the Dead. All Egyptians burials happened on the west of the Nile.

Going through transformation and initiation is inevitable with Scorpio energy. The story of Hades and Persephone from Greek mythology shows the symbolism behind the initiation aspect of this energy. It was the feminine energy within her curiosity that made her descend into the underworld. It was then that her mother Demeter would weep and cause the season of winter due to her daughter being away. A mother’s love is what we get with Demeter but within Scorpio energy we have to detach from Cancer energy that Demeter symbolizes (first water sign in the wheel) and learn how it is we truly feel within ourselves. It does not help that Scorpio is ruled by the opposing elemental signs of fire and water, but this is what brings the intensity to this sign. How can we feel if there is not passion or literal movement deep within us? This is true Scorpio energy at its finest!

Each sign has its own shadow side, and it is going to get a little rough when it comes to seeing the intense emotions behind it. The key is meeting and owning the shadow part of ourselves FIRST. We then must investigate which energy within us is imbalanced. The masculine or the feminine? Remember Mars and Pluto both rule this sign. Anger is key to help bring out any of the pain within but tend to project this onto others. Projection is a major part of this energy because it deals with our deepest fears, wants, and emotions. The best way to channel this energy is through any form of the arts (writing, music, painting, dancing, etc.).

We are breaking ourselves down to feel complete and it is not an easy process to go through. Almost like a vicious cycle. There is preparation for the worst due to fear of the unknown. Self-sabotage, destruction, ruthlessness, and jealousy all play a role when it comes to the self-reflecting and transformational energy. When we are lacking Scorpio energy there is idealization of rightness or how good we are really. We can bring balance to this energy by going opposite on the wheel to Taurus, ruled by Venus. Bring in the that nurturing and loving energy that makes us feel grounded! Look at the beauty within and use the earth element to bring determination in stability. It is not a coincidence that Venus counterparts with Mars energy or that the earthly energy corresponds to this sign. Now we can move and look within to make our outer lives better. Until next time my friends, Namaste!

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