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Zodiac Series: Taurus

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

It’s Taurus season friends! Welcome to the second zodiac sign of the wheel! This energy is very grounding due to being an Earth sign. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus making them one of the feminine energies within the wheel. Venus gives off energies about love, beauty, art, relationships and money which are all extremely important to this sign. The body parts ruled are the neck and throat. Taurus is a fixed sign meaning change is not likely and we will tend keep our mindset or values without thinking twice about changing them.

Taurus energy stays true to the family. Taurus Sun, Moon and Rising love their parents and significant others deeply. Good time to be social and to listen others while not being judgmental. This is a time to work hard and slow so when it is time for this goal to be complete, we can do it right the first time. Working towards our goals are very important and we are patient enough to fulfill them. Nothing will stop the determination that is within causing stubborn behavior along the way. This is a not a time to give up. Keep moving forward. A calm and measured temperament is what keeps us grounded in order to keep moving towards those goals but when the shadow side comes in, it can hinder our progression.

At times this energy can be greedy due to the love of materialism and the finer things in life. Scrounging off others if need be and being heartless enough to take from those who do not have enough without giving anything back in return. Possessive nature is possible due to wanting to hold onto everything that makes us feel safe and comfortable. Things that we may hold on to are relationships, situations we should let go off, and objects that hold monetary value. We hold onto this mentality that we do not have enough. Enough meaning money and security that is socially constructed within our society.

I feel that is a good time to expand on this subject due to what is going right now with COVID-19. I talked about how society is changing regarding this virus in my previous post and would like to elaborate more on our economic needs and wants through this energy. We believe having more is better. We believe that we do not have enough in our lives because society keeps telling us to work harder to get the things we want, and we never seem to be happy with what we really have. We always ask ourselves, “Do we have enough?”. Always remember that there is enough. There are so many things that can and will make us feel stable and comfortable in this world. The Universe always has our back and we do have enough. Do not let the shadow side of Taurus energy make you think different. Know that money does not fix all the problems we face. We are in a period where things may be upside down, but our morals should always remain strong.

The symbol of the Taurus is the Bull or the Bovine. The bull symbolizes fertility, hard work ethic and always trying to create life. They are known for being stubborn and need to learn stability without that shadow trait. Over many years the bull has been masculinized but ancient stories have talked the more feminine side of this energy. Some stories have the Bovine or Cow showing the motherly aspects and beauty that resides with this sign. Cows show abundance and fertility as well and is this shown through Tarot by the card the Empress. As we now move into the later spring season, the cards The Empress (ruled by Venus) and the The Emperor (ruled by Aries) now cusp to create and add abundance to our lives.

Some stories to investigate regarding Taurus energy are within Ancient Greek Mythology. King Minos of Crete (Son of Zeus) was going to sacrifice a white bull to Poseidon (God of the Sea). He decided to keep it for himself. Poseidon then cursed King Minos’ wife by making her sexually attracted to the bull instead of him. The keeping of the bull is the selfishness, greed and materialism that causes dismay. Notice how this energy grips on to you. Appreciate materialism but do not get attached to it.

The people who have wealth did not have to sell their soul to the Devil to receive it. They believe there is enough of it and therefore it comes to them easily. Wealth is not defined by only money. This can be in the form of stable relationships and being healthy as well. As life changes we should not be afraid of the changing circumstances. Embrace it. Now that we have used the Aries energy to create what we want; we need to pay attention to our finances and see the wealth that is present so we can continue our journey! Until next time my friends, Namaste!

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