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Zodiac Series: Virgo

Hello my friends! It is Virgo season. It starts on August 22nd and ends on September 22nd. We now get to harness in the second earth sign of the zodiac wheel and are now halfway through the zodiac year. Virgo does not get the credit it deserves just like the sign Gemini. Little do people know, Virgo is one of the most important signs within the zodiac when it comes to reaching our goals. This is the last sign that deals with the internal parts of who we are and then we will step into the other half of the signs that deal with external world around us.

Virgo is ruled by the sign Mercury. It is not a coincidence that Gemini is ruled by this sign as well. Mercury has a Yin and Yang energy to it. Virgo rules the Yin side of the dual energy showing the self-analysis, critical thinking, and the mental organization we need in our everyday lives. We leave Leo where we are at the peak of our glory by realizing our goals and following our hearts but now we need to deal with the ordinary day to day tasks in order to achieve the goals or just to get things done. We begin to utilize practicality and listen to our bodies. We see what we need from this earthly feminine energy.

The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin. It has a mislead representation based off modern societal ideologies of a young girl’s sexual experience with another. This feminine energy is seen as sexless, boring, slavery, or even nit-picky. In Ancient times the Virgin’s sacred feminine energy was not overtaken by masculinity. The Virgin holds wheat, signifying the harvest. She is ritually purified and ready to receive the seed of life in order to serve. Great examples are The Virgin Mary from Christianity and Demeter from Greek Mythology. The Virgin is free and bound to no man. She knew her worth and loved herself. She was independent and free to roam as she pleased.

One of the best examples to show the feminine energy of this sign is the birth of Athena in Greek Mythology. Metis was the Titaness of prudence, wisdom, planning, and advice. She was the first wife to Zeus because he needed her wisdom and advice as he took the throne. Due to a prophecy made by The Oracle of Delphi, Zeus was told that Metis would give birth to son who would overthrow him and decided to kill Metis. She turned into many animals and tried to protect herself from him. She became a fly and he swallowed her killing her instantly.

As the weeks went on Zeus began to have headaches constantly. They intensified and no one could figure out why they were happening. One day his head split open and a full-grown woman dressed in armor came out known as Athena. The symbolism of her coming out of his showed tells us that we need advice and wisdom from a feminine perspective. The mental capabilities were given from woman to woman. For this, Athena is known as the God of ancient wisdom and is one of the many Virgo archetypes.

During this season the energy shifts to the body. We see what our bodies need. We invent or implement new routines and we begin to nurture ourselves so we can heal. Virgo rules the intestines or stomach area and the nervous system. What we put into our bodies digests and gives us energy or defines who we are. We should be more conscious during this time about what we eat to feel our best. Our nerves can cause us to get sick and we feel that in our stomachs.

This leads to the shadow side of Virgo energy. As stated previously, this sign is highly masculinized due to over working. Virgo energy wants to us serve and help others, but we can get caught up in that mentality. We tend to forget what really brings us joy or may even forget our loved ones in the process. Being judgmental, critical, and controlling tendencies are all out of balance Virgo energy. We may also body shame not only ourselves but others as well due to taking care of ourselves. Worrying about appearance during this time is normal. To bring balance, use the opposite sign on the wheel, Pisces. This energy is creativity, inspiration, unconditional love and just a flow of a calm river that helps release control.

As always, we want to serve and help others. There is a sense of dedication and loyalty with Virgo that we can all benefit from. We can take this mutable energy and begin to shift our realities from our minds to our bodies and then begin to act. Remember, this energy is feminine! Listen to your body and learn what it needs if you do not know already. Implement a new routine if need be or refine the one you already have! During this time, we may spend more time with ourselves or alone to figure things out. At the end of the day we can serve and find purpose by what inspires us. Until next time my friends! Namaste.

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