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Start of my Tarot/Spirituality Journey.

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

As many of you know, I am Demi. I'm 25 years old and live in South Jersey. Many people don't know that I love spirituality. I tend to hide this side of me because I never wanted to be that pushy individual with crystals in my pocket, telling someone they needed this to live a happier life. Not ideal by any means. I'm now comfortable enough in my own skin that I don't have to hide this anymore and can share this with you!


So let's get into the details that everyone is dying to know, literally (I crack myself up sometimes! :P). I've always had psychic intuition. Never let anyone tell me differently. It was something I just knew. Once I started telling people this and being as young as I was (11 or so), people thought that I was just saying things out of my ass for attention. Nah bro, this shit is real. More real than any emotion I've ever felt. After going to a few sessions with a medium I began to see how different I was and that everything that I dismissed about my psychic powers were true.


About two years ago I went to Barnes and Nobles to calm my anxiety by buying things I didn't need and ended up in the divination section. The first thing I picked up was "The Wild Unknown Tarot" by Kim Krans. The artwork just blew my mind away and knew it needed to come home with me. From that day forward I've been practicing tarot and building upon my spiritual lifestyle that has since changed my life forever. I do want to let you all know that I will forever keep it real and will not bull-shit everyone into believing or buying things that aren't needed. This isn't what spirituality is.


Last but not least, some fun facts about me! I am singer and love music to no end. I call it my first love. My second love will always be makeup. Any form of art I am infatuated with but find makeup was the best way for my creative outlet, leading to my becoming of a makeup artist. I love to read and learn anything new. I always need to be mentally stimulated, if not I remain stagnant in bed watching Dr. Who, Stranger Things, or any Harry Potter movie (Slytherin for the win Always!). I tend to be very free spirited but yet this hermit who just loves her bed. How can I forget my dogs?! Oh my lord! Poo Poo, my Maltese is just everything to me. She's my best friend. My Weimaraner's Julius and Harley are completely nuts. Julius will always be my protector and has saved my life multiple times. He loves to kill squirrels and will jump out a car window if he sees one. He lives to play fetch with a tennis ball. Harley on the other hand just likes to eat my Mom's puzzle pieces, kill birds right out of the sky and play out in the rain!


There you have it. Me in a nut shell! Until next time my friends, Namaste.


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