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Your Freedom Matters

Over the past few weeks, the vaccination mandate by Joe Biden has caused a global uprising. Normally I would keep my mouth shut but at this point I’m living in this reality. I have free speech which the government tends to forget too. Am I here to trash Joe Bien? No. Am I here to start a political battle or a heated conversation about who you should have voted for? No. I am anti-government and am a humanitarian. I don’t care which party you voted for. You are entitled to have your own opinion. You are free to have your own thoughts. You are also free to live your life as you choose without the opinions of others. We are here to be free.

There are many concerns that I have, not only for this country but for humanity. We tend to get stuck in our everyday lives or for some known as the Matrix. Most of the time we don’t even get to enjoy the full benefits of our human experience. The issue here is freedom. Not who is vaccinated or unvaccinated. Not which gender gets treated better. Not which race is the dominant over the other. But Demi, aren’t you a Sociologist? Don’t you see the minorities and the global issues going on? Don’t we all get to have a moment here and have justice served? Yes, you do and one hundred percent deserve it but there are still somethings that are not brought to your attention or taught to you.

Anthropologically speaking every human understands these three things about each other without speaking the same language. Eating, sleeping, and procreating. Everything else is learned behavior. The language you speak, how you dress, how you live your life based off your gender, and even the way your relationships develop throughout your life. Most go to school at a young age to learn new skills and how to advance in life whether it be relevant or not. It teaches you how to function in your society along with other social institutions. Key word here is social.

Sociology is the study of human social behavior. What you learn from sociology is how society functions. I’ve learned about gentrification (the process whereby the character of a poor urban area is changed by wealthier people moving in, improving housing, and attracting new businesses typically displacing current inhabitants in the process) sex and gender roles, religion, family dynamics, and racism. Now wouldn’t you think that this is something that you should be learning from a young age to survive in the world we live in today? What is that is being kept from you? Another discussion for another time. If you learn all of these things from a young age through social interaction and conditioning what about all of the other things you could have been conditioned to learn?

What if you were taught to love others for who they are? What if you were taught to love others for their skin color to where racism didn’t exist because it was socially constructed? To not hate opposite genders based off their differences? To be able to make your own decisions without a larger institution influencing or telling you how you should do it through a T.V. or computer? What if you could be just you? How many times have you gone and done something you did not want to do because some else did? The saying goes “If everyone else jumped off the bridge, would you”?

Your freedom is being taken from you and influenced. The words that were said a few weeks ago sounded like a dictator which is not what this country stands for. Push aside the fact that we are in a pandemic. What about your body? What about your needs? What about your freedom? I know that this is not what some of you wanted to stumble upon. It is not my job to wake you up or force you to believe it but it is my job to tell you when something that you have that is owed to nobody is being taken from you. I would never let anyone do that to my loved ones or want that to happen because I love them so it shouldn’t happen to anyone else.

Something to think about as you go through your day.

“United we’ll fail, divided we’ll fall.”

- Bring Me The Horizon, “Antivist

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