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COVID-19 and Societal Change

Recently within the media I’ve seen death tolls rise, state closures, famous people dying due to COVID-19 and just chaos. We all know that the media controls what we see. Controls our emotions to instill fear within hearts. A global pandemic is by no means not a necessary precaution to panic but it should really make us rethink our loyalties and our morals. Rethink the way we see our society. Every sociological issue or topic has come across the board with this pandemic. I cannot stress enough to be practical and open minded as to what is coming for our future.

We continue to hear about going back to “normal”. Friends, we are not going back to where that was, and I am not saying this to instill fear or make you feel panicked as for what is to come just like the media does. We are not coming out of this where we are just going to fix the economic system, give everyone their jobs back, reopen businesses and just move on to make it a date in the history books. What happened after those historical events on record? Everything changed. With Saturn entering Aquarius it causes change which I have elaborated in previous posts. Change is not easy, and we need to keep an open mind to it. As you can see it was for the better and all for the right reasonings as well.

I recently streamed a live read about creating with the unknown. We now can create our future. See the endless possibilities for change. We can see these possibilities by looking at where there are cracks within our social behaviors. One most prominent is health care, others being animal rights and how our society functions solely on our banking systems to uphold us. Mental health issues are now starting to arise. The cracks are opening, and the United States is now being faced with taking care of its people when the system was not stable to begin with.

Once we come out of this our immune systems will be suppressed due to not being exposed to all the normal bacteria and fungi that you encounter in your everyday life. Anthropologists have researched this and have proven that your body adjusts to the environment that you live in. There are reasonings behind the way your body is genetically and how it adapts to your external environment. Social distancing does work but the key question here is what is going to be stop of this virus altogether? I personally believe people think that if we keep away from each other it will merely go away.

This is where your health systems come in. First, we do not have a cure and second, we are now in a place where people have lost their jobs and cannot receive a cure because they do not have health insurance. So here is my question, what is the whole point of giving a vaccine to the handful or groups of people that still have their jobs or healthcare to only be infected by others who do not have it? Won’t the others have to continue social distancing to keep from infecting others from receiving the said cure come time being? For the people who do not have health care will not be able to afford the cure if we continue down this route. This now falls back onto the money system. We can all play business until the end of day. I hate to say this, but the loyalties of where this country lies are not as high as other countries if not obvious already. Humans are social creatures and animals. We cannot be “caged” for long periods of time. They way we express our needs for being free is by socializing, face to face. Human contact is essential.

Of course, all the necessary measures are to be taken during this to help decline the number of cases. To stop people from dying and for us to be healthy. How about we take this time to learn what it is our country really needs in order to move forward? How about we continue to love and care for others? Stop seeing everyone as a potential threat. I will say being a South Jersey native Governor Phil Murphy is doing the best that he can to ensure the safety of others. It may not be to the idealistic standards we have in our own minds or how we would like things to go but is the best route we can take.

We will all see the light at the end of the tunnel but on the other side it will different from what we are used to. Whether it be a few months to a few years or even weeks. We will never really know. I want everyone to pay attention to their mental health. This is the most important times to have a good security system. Please do not get caught up in the mentality of yourself only. Be a good listener, friend, family member and self-advocate. Share your stories, share your wisdom, and share the love within your heart. Choose unconditional love for all. By unconditional love I mean treat everyone for this virus for free. Choose what it is right. Choose to let the pettiness go and love of materialism to save others’ lives.

Sometimes things come up in our lives to teach us a lesson. Unfortunately, this one is global and societal. Personal for some. I have all the faith and believe in the positive outcomes of what is come to of our society. I thank all the healthcare workers and essential employees for going to work to ensure our protection and aide in our healing. They are the true heroes. Remember to choose unconditional love just like these heroes have done for us. Please remember to take care of yourselves and help continue to take care of others during these dark times. Until next time my friends, Namaste.

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